29 November, 2004

My Purple Eye Shadow

Running for the T Friday morning, I was shocked, or rather, concussed by the failure of a turnstile to function as it's first syllable obviously requires. The resulting collision created a beautiful vision of stars which, alas, I could not enjoy thanks to the ringing in my ears. I adjusted to it before it stopped...about two hours later.
Throughout the day, I could see my cheekbone swelling. Rick, my manager, gave me bi-hourly reports of how black my eye was becoming. When I have my roll developed, you'll see that it's not black....it's a vivid purple. That's actually the color which I intend to paint my room. A vivid purple, the color of royalty in the nations of my lineage; the color of the priesthood for my priestly people. Why then, is purple singled out as the color most disliked by adults for their bedrooms?
Well, once-loved, the kings and priests have fallen into disgrace. The problem is that we who are royal or priests cannot renounce our heritage. Being the constant proponent of rebirth, we challenge those of purple nature to recreate a purple world uniting all that ever was great of royalty and the priesthood with all that they can be.

I'm starting with my left eye.

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