20 March, 2005

Time For Some Photos

Alright, I've been a bit too busy to write for the blog...Info on that to come later, but, I've got some pics from my trip to Myrtle Beach and New York. Enjoy them. Much Love...

09 March, 2005

Welcome Back, Me

I apologize for taking this long to update you all, but a lot has been happening. I'm really loving the classes that I'm taking at Hebrew College. I've recently been to the doctor and dentist, and everything is looking good. Work is exciting and I'm training behind the bar. I have two appointments to snowboard in two weeks. Scotland, it appears, is strongly encouraginge immigration. It just seems as if a lot of lucky stars are shining down on me.
Shortly, I'm sure that I'll have something to report. Until then, let's all focus on the things that we have. Sure the President's a wanker, but hey, everyone knows it now.