30 June, 2005

Hebrew: Keeping Me Busy, and I Love It!

It's true. I'm way behind on entries to the blog. I will strive to do better, but only a truly amazing topic could monopolize my time like this. No, it's not working at the Hard Rock Cafe Boston. It seems as if I'm there all of the time, but that's just to pay the bills. What's been filling my head for the past two weeks is studying Hebrew. I have to say that this is probably my favorite subject that I've ever studied (and you know that I LOVE learning!). The language truly has music, which actually sings to me! Some things in the class come to me easily from their introduction. Others elude me continually until one day, Boom: They seem embedded in my mind beyond conscious control. Studying a language four hours a day is truly the way to learn. I can't wait to get to Israel and see what I can absorb there!

25 June, 2005

Get thee to the Cinema

In the last two weeks, I've seen more films than in the two months prior. It's been worth it. I have really been inspired by the films that I've seen lately. We're definitely experiencing a resurgence in quality films. For years, I've said that the best writing was in Television. Now, I believe that it's shifted to films.
Firstly, there was the bad, but not unbearably so "Slutty Summer." I would have been severely disappointed to spend the $7.50 (Student Discount) to see it, except that my ex, Neal, had a part in it, as did John, the lead in the play that we were both in two years ago. It's very interesting to see the person that you've slept with most in the world on screen. It made me wonder, for instance, if he'll always be the person that I've slept with most in the world...But that's a subject for another day.
I also saw "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," and I think that Angelina has never been better. Brad, as always, did a nice job. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, although I wish that I hadn't seen it opening weekend. In general, I don't believe in spending money for big budget films early in their runs. They dominate the screens anyway. Why should I spend money to help them maintain their dominance. I'd rather have four films playing on four screens than all four screens being wasted on one film.
The other big-budget film that I saw, "Batman Begins," I'd planned on seeing on opening weekend. Number one, it stars Christian Bale. Number two, it's supposedly faithful to the comic, and number three, it stars Christian Bale. It didn't disappoint. He looked phenomenal, as did the film. It's definately the best translation of the character to film.
Heights, I saw tonight on a date. I expected to like it. I didn't expect to like it that much. Loads of laughs, I cried (But those of you who know me can vouch that I can count the number of films that I haven't cried during on both hands.) It's a New York film, and The City is a character. A minor one, but it's there. Glenn Close gives an understated, moving performance. I'd never seen Elizabeth Banks, but she proved eminently watchable. Finally, after "The 24th Day," where he really impressed me, James Marsden proved here that his best acting is done outside of major blockbusters.

The last film that I mention is my favorite of them all. It's a little Indie that I fell in love with. I suggest that you all run out and see it as soon as it opens in your town, and that you hound your cinemas to get it. The name is "Saving Face." It's a fantastic romantic comedy (Which, to me, is the ultimate in film genres.). Any description beyond that feels limiting. The lead is a lesbian, but it's not a "Lesbian Film." Her family is Asian-American, but again, it's not an "Asian Film." If you really need to learn more, the title of this blog is a link to the films site.

09 June, 2005

...'Cause Everything is Rent!

Well, I'm sold! That's right. November 11 is going on my list of requested days off. I'll be in New York, in line, with my pre-purchased ticket (and you know how tough it'll be for me to pay that $1.50 service charge for pre-buying...I AM Jewish!) for Rent. Hell, there might even be a midnight show.
What sold me? Well, I knew that I'd be there opening day, c'mon. It's the musical equivalent of my life. LOL. Of course, for something in which I'm emotionally invested, I have been preparing myself for disappointment. Well, the trailer is out. You can watch it yourself. For those of you who know the show, it can truly bring up many emotions. Click on the title of this entry and watch it yourself.

08 June, 2005


There's a lot of new technology that I plan to be including in this blog. The poll below is the beginning. Eventually, I'll let you all vote on which features stay. Feel free to comment on anything and everything.
On a different note....Tippy a.k.a. Woodrow Wilson Cannon III has officially won "Bobby G's Blog's" first contest. He'll receive his prize after I return from Israel and pay those bills, leaving me (hopefully) with enough money to buy it for him.
What's the greatest thing in the world?
Whiskers on kittens
Baby Snuggles
Amazing Sex
A day spent on the sofa with the remote
A rewarding career
Being Right
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Trading Spaces is filming in Boston! I still say that Changing Rooms is better.

All Work and No Play...

As you may have noticed by the growing number of days between posts, I've been a bit busy...While it hasn't all been work, I've been in overtime every week for quite some time. While that's great for earning vacation hours, it doesn't do wonders for my social life. I do need to work to get ahead on bills....I am taking almost the entire month of August off to go to Europe and Israel. Another way that they've managed to keep me at the HRC has been training me as a bartender. Yes, that's right, I finally made it!!! I love it! Now, I'll never get scheduled behind the bar. LOL.
So, while I do spend a lot of time at the Rock, it's gotten a lot better in some ways. The girls below...including Britney (Shout out to ya girl!) are some of what it's all about.
Some wild gals, having a wild time with me at the HRC Boston!  Posted by Hello