15 July, 2010

Day 50 of the Spill in My Heart

This is the largest disaster that I've ever experienced. The financial burden is considerable. I'm shuffling money around,trying to organize the cleanup. It's tough, but I'm making it happen. The tried and true industries of the past are out of commission. Innovation seems to be keeping the area alive, but alive isn't living. The folks battling the leak are a continual source of strength. Amongst the tragedy exist the odd moments of unexpected joy. They are priceless.
The hole in my heart, like the leak in The Gulf seems to resist all efforts to plug the leak. Sadly, as in BP's leak, the spew went almost unnoticed and unaddressed for too long at the beginning. When the dangers of the problem became apparent, I, like Obama, BP, and Republicans did a lot of anxious whirling. Sadly, nothing seemed to help. My tension rose, like that of the US. As vacationers flocked to new spots not on The Gulf of Mexico, I went to new places. While some were interesting. they hold no candle to where I was before.
My brain, the "CEO" which got me into this situation, is suspect. The trouble is, that he's saying that he'd "like his life back," and, that's the truth. Unfortunately, there's a #$@%ing hole in my heart and no machinery imaginable to plug it up. Capping that difficulty, the damage from the leak has damaged the fragile environment of my precious world. How can I repair that?

03 July, 2010

Buy These Now!

Many of you have heard me rave about Heather Alexander's albums. Lately, you've heard me talk about Alexander James Adams, Tricky Pixie, and S.J. (Sooj) Tucker. THEY ALL ROCK! (in common parlance)
I was on Youtube, listening to these artists, as well as Seanan McGuire. They currently take up much of my Ipod time. I went to Seanan's website ( www.seananmcguire.com ) and was lookinge over the songs of her 4 albums...longing to be able to order the fourth...The first three were offered from a run of 1,000.
Folks, I've gotten untold hours of enjoyment out of these CDs. I LOVE them...adore them...and I paid not a single dime for them.
Tricky Pixie was playing for the release party of Seanan's second book. I went to see TP...I bought Seanan's books as a "thank you" for her providing TP for me. What I'd really hoped for that night was the chance to buy one of her CDs, because I'd heard her name in the Filk community. The raffle ticket that I got for buying the book WON ME ALL THREE OF HER CDS! (Maybe I shouldn't use all caps there...I hadn't heard them yet. I'd only have purchased one, probably....But I F**%&&% LVE THEM!)
I had no idea what I'd found...until the last music of the evening..."Wicked Girls Saving Ourselve," when Seanan got up and sang...
At some point, my tongue hit the ground, and I forgot that I'm a gay man. I fell head over heels for her. Later, when I actually read her books, I began planning to barter for eggs, so that I can pass that brilliance on to my offspring. But you don't need to go that far. Just know that "Wicked Girls" has a print run of 1000 copies. Be worried that I have many friends.

Order yours NOW!