17 April, 2007

The Scots are Coming!

Actually, before they come, I'll be visiting Scotland....So, I thought I'd get you all ready and post some pics of Ruaridh, his neice, and his bird (that's girlfriend, for you internationally challenged).

Oh, by the way...despite the kind of girls that you'd be thinking this chap could attract, that's not his girlfriend grazing in that photo. She's the one 2 pics below....

Is he petting his llama in front of a little girl?

Glaswegian Affection

16 April, 2007

How do you know?

How do you know when to pack it in? How do you know when it's over? How do you know when a dream is no longer what you want?
How do you know what's passion and what's love? How do you know what's true and what's hormonal? How do you know when He's the one?

Does this come on quickly? As you get older, are you wiser, or just more knowing of what you want?

13 April, 2007

Liz Returns to Hard Rock

This lovely lady, Liz, came into the Hard Rock Boston 2 years ago and I waited on her. Then, Wednesday, she came in again and we got to do some catching up. Ain't she lovely?

10 April, 2007

New York Minutes

Over the holiday, I went to NY, and while there, I had 2 wonderful Seders. The entire trip was a blast. Here's a photo of Ariel and I in The Hairy Monk, where they had a countdown clock for, you guessed it, Opening Day at Fenway. Can I get away from those folks?