03 August, 2008


I stand at a crossroads. I take that back. I stand at multiple crossroads. Each choice defines what I will be. Each step that I take, down each path, has a million consequences. These consequences are simultaneously equal and mor than any choice that I've made in the past. Every choice has, in a sense, created a new world and killed infinite others. These new choices however, grow in significance as the opportunities to correct them dwindle.
I find now that I can no longer stomach both beating myself up and having others finish that job. What value is a life? People with less have done more. Can a man serve two masters? Is there a balance between living to stay alive and actually living? What's the difference between compromise and giving up hope of being yourself?

19 July, 2008

Sunday in SF

Welcome to SF, Bobby G....I hope that you survive the experience!

To all of you who have been clamoring for an update, here's a beginning...
To those of you who've moved X-country, you know that it'll be awhile before I'm up to regular entries.
I'm tending bar at the Hard Rock SF...Stop in and see me, if you're in the area. I tend to work Tuesday-Friday day shifts.
I'm also looking for a bar tending gig elsewhere. If you have suggestions, please share!

The title of this post alludes to another group that just relocated to The Bay Area. Anyone know who they are?

28 January, 2008

A Peak at What's to Come...

Winter snow hits during Madeline's visit...She gets to see snow fall AND stick for the first time in her life! I'll try to get more posted soon.

27 January, 2008

My Mom's Shop in Harvard Sq., but They Mispelled It

That's "Leveta Pierce," guys.

A Sign of Things to Come

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...That's how I'll remember the night of January 26, 2008.

Now THESE Boys are Fine!

I'm Glad that I Don't Need Glasses Yet

I mean, look at Jonathan's...

Tara Enjoys Skipjacks

The meal was nice. We'd hoped to cap it off with Finale, but they had an hour wait, so we took some deserts home! Creme Brule! Yum!

Rabbit Ears

No one told me that she was doing that!

What You Lookin' At?

Two brothers, alike in so many ways...different in others. The story is not done yet...

MIT has been trying to get me to stay in the area...

They seem to have a building for me. LOL. I think that Madeline should work there. Law and Medicine are overrated. She needs to be an Engineer!

The Other Side

It does look a bit like a drunken robot party, doesn't it?

MIT's Controversial Building

Jonathan, Leveta, and Gary Pierce, and the Stata Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Frank Gehry, the designer, once said it "looks like a party of drunken robots got together to celebrate."

At Harvard Universtiy

We could be Harvard students. Madeline may be, in the future...I'm pushing for MIT, though.

Someone's Butt is Gonna Get Wet

Coffee in Cambridge

The Pierce Men

21 January, 2008

Mornings Are the Worst

They're so full of...possibilities.
What may happen? What might have happened overnight?
The dreams are done, for a time.
The cold outdoors awaits.
I shall return to you, Love,
When the sun sets, and Morpheus again takes me back
To our Kingdom underground.

20 January, 2008


I haven't posted for awhile. I haven't really had the time. The end of 2007 was a particularly trying time for me. I lost one of the men closest to me in the world. That man will be featured in a blog entry sometime soon. That loss, combined with a misunderstanding with a friend, lead to my re-evaluating my life, particularly my life in Boston.

Boston didn't come out looking particularly good from that eval. The early soul-searching was dark, and it proved to be a lonely time. I knew that something waited on the other side of my analysis. As 2007 wound down, I made some new, real friends. The turning to 2008 truly felt momentous.

It has proven so thus far. I'd let Boston affect me too much. I'd compromised myself. I can't let that happen anymore. All of the things that I've feared will not dictate my future. It's time that Bobby G came back.

What does that mean, practically? Well, for one thing, I've had an incredibly momentous January. Incredibly momentous? What does that mean? Can't you write clearly? LOL.

Life isn't always clear. We do not see it all. Right now, I'm more scared about the future than I've ever been. The path that I was on last year is no longer good enough for me. I can do more. I will do more.

I challenge you, I ask you, I plead with you to help me. Do more. Feel more. Be more, than you have been. The world awaits, for us to repair it.

G-d bless you.