19 July, 2008

Sunday in SF


Anonymous said...

I see that your blog is posting again. Does this mean you are settled in SF?? I have been thinking of you... Samantha is leaving and moving up to Rhode Island with her sister. We had a oneg celebration in her honor. Rabbi Avi was talking to the congreation about her conversation. I remember when you and Sam went out into the ocean in the cold water and your white robe.
I don't know if you realized but I have made my own reading blog. Check it out and tell me what you think. It is not that great yet. It has only been up and running for a month. I have had some glitches. 38thavedivareaders.blogspot.com Tell me what is going on in your life in SF?? What is happening with your family? David graduated and is going to HGT for digital communications in the fall.
And I am looking to go back to school in the medical field but not nursing. Keep in touch. Give me your new phone number and address. I am still in the same place. Will you be travelling soon. What are you doing in SF?

susan said...

the last comment is from me ... Susan it said anonymous.

Rabbi Lars Shalom said...

the aliens are here and they love christ!!! plus: 'Conversation with Jesus!! search 'aliens', 'jesus'

Kim in Okla said...

Robert...how awesome that you made it to San Francisco! I hope all is well in the 'city by the bay'. My brother & his family live in Pacifica. They love it! I was there last May. My love affair with California - northern & southern, has never grown cold. There's so much to see & do. Your picture on your profile is fantastic. Blog ya' soon.