07 May, 2005

World Pride

It looks like World Pride may be delayed. If it is, then I'll miss it. Of course, I'm not going to Israel solely for World Pride. Of course, I never do anything important for only one reason, but World Pride wasn't even the primary reason for my trip. That said, I would like to be a part of it, if it happens. Who knows, I may be able to find a surrogate mother for my children. Speaking of which....
Those of you who are female, or who know a female with a big heart and courage, please email me. I'm looking for a surrogate mother. I basically need a womb for 9 months! Yes, I want to be a gay father. I've always been a gay mother....

02 May, 2005

The "Altar Boyz" are CRUNK

As I mentioned last time, I saw "Altar Boyz" in NY, and I can't recommend it enough. Those of you who know me probably can't believe that I'm recommending a musical. You'll dig it. Click on the title to this entry or the words "Altar Boyz" here and above, and you can read a review from NYTheatre.com. You can buy tickets at Theatre Mania.com.
Life continues to be interesting. I'm working on learning Hebrew and preparing to go to Israel. Anyone with any suggestions should email them, or leave comments here at the blog.
The great girls that I waited on this past weekend have become blog commenters. Shouts out to Liz and Marlee!!!

01 May, 2005

Coming Out of Egypt...

I've made it through....Passover has passed over. The work week where I was scheduled 8 shifts is over. I do feel like I've come out of Egypt. The tricky thing is...I'm still in the desert. I haven't made it to The Promised Land yet. I have to present my final project in class, learn my new menu items, train enough staff members to get a day off, make enough money to pay for school and my vacation, and figure out what's going on in my love life. And I thought last week was tough!
Check the photos below for the WAY COOL girls who came in Saturday night. Until next time, I HIGHLY recommend "Altar Boyz," in NY. It's not only funny, it has a great message. I'll get a link up fo it. In the meantime, rent "The Troop," an Israeli film from 1979. It's truly a classic.
Here's a pic that Liz and the girls took of me... Posted by Hello
That's Liz and her girls from Utica, NY. They were as sweet as could be. I can't wait until they come back! Posted by Hello
That's me and a friend at Gay Pride in NY last year. Keep your fingers crossed that the sticker was a prediction, and not a wish! Posted by Hello
Maria, with a quirky smile! Gotta love her! Posted by Hello
My old shul in NY...It's The Actors' Shul, in Midtown. Look it up, if you're interested.  Posted by Hello
My girl Rita, looking VERY blonde! Posted by Hello
My sis and the Madeline, looking cute! Posted by Hello