01 May, 2005

Coming Out of Egypt...

I've made it through....Passover has passed over. The work week where I was scheduled 8 shifts is over. I do feel like I've come out of Egypt. The tricky thing is...I'm still in the desert. I haven't made it to The Promised Land yet. I have to present my final project in class, learn my new menu items, train enough staff members to get a day off, make enough money to pay for school and my vacation, and figure out what's going on in my love life. And I thought last week was tough!
Check the photos below for the WAY COOL girls who came in Saturday night. Until next time, I HIGHLY recommend "Altar Boyz," in NY. It's not only funny, it has a great message. I'll get a link up fo it. In the meantime, rent "The Troop," an Israeli film from 1979. It's truly a classic.

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