02 May, 2005

The "Altar Boyz" are CRUNK

As I mentioned last time, I saw "Altar Boyz" in NY, and I can't recommend it enough. Those of you who know me probably can't believe that I'm recommending a musical. You'll dig it. Click on the title to this entry or the words "Altar Boyz" here and above, and you can read a review from NYTheatre.com. You can buy tickets at Theatre Mania.com.
Life continues to be interesting. I'm working on learning Hebrew and preparing to go to Israel. Anyone with any suggestions should email them, or leave comments here at the blog.
The great girls that I waited on this past weekend have become blog commenters. Shouts out to Liz and Marlee!!!

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liz said...

hahahah im a blog commenter!!! (yay)