30 August, 2005

The end of Greece : (

As my time in Europe dwindles, my thoughts turn to Boston. How will I react to being back in The States? How will they react to me? I want to go on with my life, graduate, and get a real job, but I hate to end my travels. So much has changed, in me and the world. Like Helen said, "Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all....."

29 August, 2005

Love's Remains

I dreamt of Sparky last night. I can't remember the details. I can't even remember how to spell as I write this. It was multiple dreams. Every time that I awoke, my body's response was obvious, and there was one name on my lips.
It's been over for two weeks, and the pain has faded from that of a broken bone to one of a faded injury, dull but constant. A memory of an earlier pain.
Everything that I thought that I knew about love was a lie. You can truly love someone and break their heart. You can break your own heart, and that's what I've done.
I want the pain to go away. If that means forgetting the joy, however, I'll gladly keep the pain. To do otherwise would kill the hope that I have that someday things will work out.

26 August, 2005

It's All Greek to Me

I'm in Athens, until early the morning of the 28th. You can call me from the US by dialing 011-30-210-3244808. Leave a message for Robert Pierce at the desk. I'm having a great time, but I'm also in need of a hug. I'm missing Sparky.
On a lighter note, Athens is probably the mostbeautiful city that I've ever seen. Anyone who wants to visit...I'll play tour guide!

22 August, 2005

Going Home

I know that they say "Once you've gone, you can't go back home." To some extent, it's true. I'm back in Tel Aviv. Ha Yarkon is still the same. It is wonderful to see the familiar faces. The weather is actually nicer than when I left. It's a different city, however. I'm a different person.
My trip was supposed to open me up to new cultures. I was supposed to learn about Israel and Israelis. That has happened...in spades. What I didn't expect...What has broadsided me...Is how much the trip would cause me to learn about myself. Every trip has it's theme...a general mood and idea. The theme for this trip has to be self-discovery.
I've discovered many things about myself. Some of them have proven nice. Others horrifying. Truly, I'll return a different person than I started out. My priorities have shifted. I'm excited about my life in the future.

21 August, 2005

A Very Special Shabbat

Tu'B'Av came and went...Lot's of thoughts of Sparky and the direction of my life. It turned out to be a very special day. I had a beautiful Shabbat hosted by The Smeltzers in Effrat. I definately needed a "time out" to process things. My time in Jerusalem has been that as well. Tomorrow, it's back to memories and Tel Aviv.

18 August, 2005

A Time of Great Change

In Gaza, the world watches great changes in land ownership and control. The struggle is heart-wrenching. In the hearts of two people, another struggle occurs. Old ideas are examined, mistakes are contemplated, and pain is felt. Change can bring about much good....
But must it always hurt so much?

17 August, 2005

The Spark is Gone

Which is worse, being alone or knowing that you've caused pain in a loved one? What if the two are bound up together? Where does the motivation come to get up and try again? What if you don't want to try again? How many second chances do we get?
T'shuva involves remorse and making amends. It's not for forgiveness but simply because it's right and necessary...But what I wouldn't do to recover that Spark.

16 August, 2005


When is a soul iredeemably corrupted? How far down the path of self-interest can one go before return is not possible? What's the power of shame? Can actions redeem you, or do you spend the remainder of your life trying to repair any damage that you've done?
Why do we hurt the ones we love? How do you keep an image of love alive if you'll never again see the one that you love? Do our actions and emotions have power beyond the immediate? Can truth be sensed? Does one lie in a relationship invalidate all truths from that relationship?

14 August, 2005

The Land of Milk and Honey...and Mitz!

Israel is everything that you've heard of and more. The details will follow when I return, but for now, imagine the freshest, largest, lushest fruits that you've ever seen. Now imagine 50 shops juicing them for you around the city. Those of you who know me know that juice is my favorite thing in the world. My latest favorite: Mitz tapozim v'gezer v'rimon b'yahad! Can anyone translate that into English?


Hey Sparky,

Thinking about you. I got your Phoenix poem. Thanks! But I can't reply to comments on the blog. Email me. phoenixrave@sc.rr.com

12 August, 2005

Ani B'Yisrael...

Yes, that's right, I'm in Israel! Finally! It's truly amazing, but I had an interesting trip here, let me tell you. I've checked into the hostel and met some wonderful people. Adjusting to Hebrew required more work coming from Scots than it does from English, but I've begun teaching my new friend Frank, from South Africa, how to speak Hebrew....so that he can flirt with the hostel attendant!
More as the visit progresses...

11 August, 2005

Tis Nae Bother...

Almost a week in Scotland, and the holiday is already different from my plans. I'm not complaining. It's been a right class trip. I knew I'd be having a bit of lager, but this is ridiculus! LOL. Pubbing and the festival make Edinburgh a brilliant destination in August, but the prices have definately been artificially increased to take advantage of this. When you're still pissed from the evening before, and going out means spending more money, what do you do but lie in and recover. Then, you're feeling well enough to go out, but all that's open are festival shows and pubs. The cycle starts over...

04 August, 2005

A preview

Everyone's been asking what my hair looks like curly.....It looks like this, except about 4 months growth shorter. My goatee is gone to. Once of you said it made me look like a "mexican terrorist!" It'll be back, though!

01 August, 2005

Hat Games

Some pics before I leave

Well, here they are....the pics which I've had developed from my last 4 rolls of film. Above is Maggie and I. Ain't she gorgeous! Above that are some members of Temple Emanu-el in Myrtle Beach. The next two posts are some of my family. I'm hoping that this keeps you satisfied until the pics from the Europe/Israel trip are done.