11 August, 2005

Tis Nae Bother...

Almost a week in Scotland, and the holiday is already different from my plans. I'm not complaining. It's been a right class trip. I knew I'd be having a bit of lager, but this is ridiculus! LOL. Pubbing and the festival make Edinburgh a brilliant destination in August, but the prices have definately been artificially increased to take advantage of this. When you're still pissed from the evening before, and going out means spending more money, what do you do but lie in and recover. Then, you're feeling well enough to go out, but all that's open are festival shows and pubs. The cycle starts over...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bobby:
Your trip sounds wonderful. When will you be returning to Myrtle
Beach? Please tell me more about setting up a Blog. Keep in touch.

Hugs: Rochelle Mason