25 December, 2012

Tomorrow Comes....

     I saw "Les Miz" today...the film.  I may do a review at some point.  It has some weaknesses, but the strengths far outweigh them.  What I will say now is how I feel that this film is needed...right now.  Redemption as a gift and a choice,  loving someone, anyone as seeing the face of G-d, and finally, the surety that, even though we lose battles in our struggle, progress has been made...Tomorrow comes!

18 September, 2012

This is the lovely afternoon that I had awaiting me at The Mound in Edinburgh.  This was the setting for a blind date.  Perfect, huh? 

Below was my day today.  I spent some time outside, enjoying the kind of sun which DOESN'T come with unbearable temperatures and humidity.

How strange it is that I'm in Scotland, enjoying the beautiful sun(matched with perfect Autumnal temperatures), and my mates and family back in Myrtle Beach, are inundated with rain (surely to be followed by excessively humid heat).  I figured that I MUST rub it in!  ;-)

   Alas, I'd love to post some photos here....It seems that Blogger, in trying to "OutFacebook Facebook," has made it impossible for me to upload pics at this moment.  It all seems to be connected to their Google + (although the entire thing is a big minus in my opinion).  I can't even sign in to Picasa, because their attempt to get me to allow my photos to be displayed in my G+ profile (which I don't mind doing...) has caused a glitch.  Sigh.  More when I CAN post photos...