28 April, 2006

This one is too pretty and smart for her own good!

Sure, he's straight!

LOL, I told Zack that I'd tell everyone that we'd slept together when I posted this photo...

Happy Birthday to Rayna!

That means "queen," and she's every inch a queen. Anyone wanting to kneel before the throne?

My Baby D!

I just have too many beautiful friends! Look at this girl! You know that you want to date her....C'mon on...admit it! Well, She is single, but I'll only be letting some quality men near her! I'm accepting applications...

25 April, 2006


I've been thinking lately that, more than any career goal, I'd simply like a husband to make a home with...

19 April, 2006

I'm Going To See The Queen!

I've got third row seats for Madonna!!! I've also got an extra pair of tickets. If anyone is interested in buying them, let me know! Click here or the title above to see my review of her last tour! I'm SO excited!

07 April, 2006

What does it all mean?

I'd print a spoiler alert, but even if you haven't seen the show, actually, especially if you haven't seen the show, this map won't give anything away. Hell, those of us who watch avidly are wracking our brains, trying to decipher everything. To help you out, here's the map....and the title of this entry links to a larger version. (Thanks to Tonia!)

04 April, 2006

Hobart Shakespeareans

A friend reccommended a film to me through our mutual membership in Netflix (which I HIGHLY reccommend to you all. Boycott Blockbuster. They really are a scary company!). I watched the inspiring film about a fifth-grade teacher in LA, Rafe Esquith. He's done some amazing things and truly makes a difference.
Well, tonight at work, guess who walks in and is seated at my table? That's right! Mr. Esquith and students. I was flabberghasted! Now, I worked for Planet Hollywood for 6 years, and met just about everyone. I was more gobsmacked by this teacher than by most celebrities that I've met. The kids were well behaved and fun. See the film and be inspired!