25 April, 2006


I've been thinking lately that, more than any career goal, I'd simply like a husband to make a home with...


JohnsInBoston said...

Hey ~
No doubt you'll have a great man someday.

Til then, you've got friends!


Anonymous said...

I miss you when I'm away


Brian Freese said...

Well, it was a few years ago, but I'd have dated you with the intent of marriage and a family. You just didn't seem all that interested! Hey, hanging with you was a blast, and you were so damn sexy. Sometimes guys don't think about what they have until it's gone.

When we first meet someone, regardless of the way or medium that we meet, we are either attracted or not. Attraction, when pursued, eventually grows into levels of friendship and then may cross the barriers we build up, to protect ourselves, and grow into love.

Attraction usually involves an instant decision of like or dislike, based on our own subconscious criteria. If we meet someone in person, we tend to size them up physically. If we meet through letters or phone conversation or internet chat, we tend to size them up, over a longer term, by how well they converse and how interesting (or complimentary) they are while we interact with them.

It is true that people can act however they want, be whatever they want to be, over the internet. But eventually the true person leaks through the cracks and we begin to see their true self. Moral of the story? Its best to be your real self. You may eventually want to meet the person on the other end of the conversation.

On the other hand, when you do meet the real person on the other end, remember that you have grown to like that person because of whats inside their mind and heart. You have found a potential soul mate who thinks as you think and feels much the same way that you feel.

No one is perfect. We all have our own flaws and shortcomings. The concept of finding the right person is good. The concept of finding the perfect person is improbable and discouraging, because perfect doesnt exist.

The way this person looks, their physical appearance, isnt as important as their inner looks, or soul. What we see is what we get, and hopefully the heart ranks the highest. We fall in love with someones soul, not the shape or size of their body. And although a certain number of things can be done to improve physical appearance, that shouldnt be our main criteria or requirement for friendship or companionship.

We fall in love with their heart. With their inner self. With their true being. And thats what matters most.

Steven said...

How do I apply Bobby?