04 April, 2006

Hobart Shakespeareans

A friend reccommended a film to me through our mutual membership in Netflix (which I HIGHLY reccommend to you all. Boycott Blockbuster. They really are a scary company!). I watched the inspiring film about a fifth-grade teacher in LA, Rafe Esquith. He's done some amazing things and truly makes a difference.
Well, tonight at work, guess who walks in and is seated at my table? That's right! Mr. Esquith and students. I was flabberghasted! Now, I worked for Planet Hollywood for 6 years, and met just about everyone. I was more gobsmacked by this teacher than by most celebrities that I've met. The kids were well behaved and fun. See the film and be inspired!

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Lynn said...

You met Rafe?!? Cool! I hope you gushed a little. And if you did, I hope you told him that you had a friend who loved the doc about him and recommended it to you.

I'm glad you liked the movie. His story has stuck with me for a while. I wish all teachers were like him....then maybe we'd have an easier time holding students accountable when they get to college.

Love you!

Your Friend Lynn