31 March, 2006

How About a Film Review?

We haven't done one of these in a long while...The film is Loggerheads, starring Bonnie Hunt, Kip Pardue, Michael Kelly, and Tess Harper. It takes place in NC, on and near the coase, and has gay content. Obviously, I'm quite connected to the material. I didn't, however, expect to be as moved as I was.
The film is rife with symbolism, which is always impressive. Thinking about the possible metaphors, and the ways that they forshadow possible outcomes in the film, kept the ending a surprise. The acting was solid, and the story is interesting. It's actually three stories, occurring in three different years. They're interwoven really well. So, technically, all around, the film's really very well done. What interests me now, in particular, is how the southern and romance elements impact me now.
I tend to take my southern background for granted, at the same time that I downplay it. So many stories set in the South lack a truly "Southern" atmosphere. This film has it. I see my background in the views, and I feel it's rhythms in the film. The characters are the folks that I grew up with. Hell, Michael Kelly, the actor who plays George, studied and acted at Coastal Carolina University, where I studied.
The romance bits are nicely done, and would interest me anyway, as I'm a romance hog. I'm in an interesting place right now, contemplating my place and romance's place in my world. How does it work/conflict with religion. A forthcoming blog entry to be sure. I highly recommend the film. Check it out at your local rental store.

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Andrew Nichols said...

Hey Bobby G,

I watched this movie in NYC while there in October of last year! I agree, it was great, probably one of my favorites in a while. Happy to read that you connected to it because of your history, that's awesome...

well, I hope you're doing well, haven't heard from you in a while ;-)