04 March, 2006

Brokeback Mountain

Why they're afraid? It's simple. Brokeback's might get too much attention. It already has. You see, if gay children are aware of this film, then they will realize that they are not the only one. It's very existence will legitimize them. The trouble is, they'll also remember the reaction to the film. The hatred. The insults. They'll be legitimate, but wrong and tainted. Of course, many believe that much of the reason that gays and Jews have been so influential is the adversity that we've had to come through. The legitimacy may give the young ones strength to survive a dangerous youth and the self-hate that bigotted reactions to their kind have created. Good luck to Brokeback Mountain. While it's debatedly not the Best Picture, it's the Best Picture needed.

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Your Phila. Admirer said...

There may be hope... a close straight friend of mine was visiting family in Texas and watched Brokeback Mountain with his 20 year old nephew and the nephew's friend from the Citadel Military Academy in South Carolina. When my friend asked them if they minded seeing two men kiss, they looked perplexed and said it was no big deal.