30 June, 2006


Please EMAIL ME if you have any way of contacting the man on the right. His name is Jonathan, and I met him at Pride. Ain't he gorgeous? If you know him, tell him that he needs to date me! LOL. Seriously, it's probably a lost cause. I gave him my card and I haven't heard from him. He's in the pic with John, my manager's boyfriend.

My Butt!

Ok, so I'd never photograph my own ass, but seeing as how John emailed this to me, I figured that I'd post it....Maybe I'll get a boyfriend out of the deal....

21 June, 2006

Pride Pics

Ok, it's time for me to take a break from studying Hebrew, and I'm LONG overdue for a post. Here are some shots from Boston's Pride weekend:

The first one is my momentary appearance with Keshet, the GLBT Jewish service organization. With me is David, who at this moment, is probably doing a better job of studying for our Hebrew test!