24 March, 2007

London Calling

Well, I'll be in London and Scotland (with possible excursions to Paris and/or Dublin) May 24-June 6. I'll be seeing "Equus," a play that I've wanted to see for awhile, and who can resist Harry Potter naked?
Anyone have any suggestions on other plays to see?

The Once and Future Me

I was recently looking at some old photos, and I came across this one. I think that this may be the next cut that I get, although I can't promise that it'll be very soon. That may change.

08 March, 2007

Don't Go Shai!

המנהל של עברית במחללה העברית--הוא פורש...ושי

Singing Jews

Spiel Scenes

Here are a few images from the Hebrew College Purim spiel. I hope to get the video posted on here and on Youtube.com For anyone wondering, I was dressed as either a "rockstar" or a biker, take your pic.