03 July, 2007

The Promised Scottish Footage!

Go to THIS address, or click the title above to see the famous Parisian and Scottish Malarkies!

31 May, 2007

Stay Tuned!

...For all of you American types...
Next Up:
The World's Most
Beautiful City:
Edinburgh, Scotland!

Picking Up the Kids....

Ruaridh and Emma's kids had their own holiday...

...at Coconut Bob's!

Au Revoir Paris!

Nae Worries...

Where's Ruaridh?

Believe Me...

...it seemed more plausible that this statue would push it's ball into the water than we would find the "Hotel Concord."

An Irish Pub?

Time for another Bevvy!

New York is IN THE HOUSE!

Betty, Carlos, and I helped
represent NYC for her birthday...with Los Cucarachas!
(apologies to everyone else in the pic. I forgot
your names!)

Demon Tamer!


Watch that Spray!

After a Day Looking at Wedding Shops...

...Emma gets Ruaridh
to the church!

Notre Dame-Each of These Faces represents a Young Gay Child Forced Into Suicide by the Catholic Church's Policies

6 O'clock...Ducking Out of the Rain.....

Time for Another Bevvy!

Paris Officials: Be on Guarde!

This individual

has been seen around

your city,

mounting lions..

Four O'clock, and Time for Another Bevvy!

The Gates of Paris

Les Etóiles


Maybe That's Just the Bevvies!

I'm Too Cool Tae Be Bothered...

Can-Can Girls?

Gimel seems REALLY impressed...

The Red Wheel!

We Hit the Red Light District!

Emma's Found a New Man!

Cheeky Cunt!

How long does a man have to be in a country before
he starts snogging their birds and groping their tits?


Wish you were here!

Stop Motion

Don't Hate Me for my Beautiful Car!

The Lion King

Who knows why this man has such an obsession with Lions?

I came to Paris for this?

Ruaridh tries to pick up some tips from Paris' Gameboy master.