22 August, 2005

Going Home

I know that they say "Once you've gone, you can't go back home." To some extent, it's true. I'm back in Tel Aviv. Ha Yarkon is still the same. It is wonderful to see the familiar faces. The weather is actually nicer than when I left. It's a different city, however. I'm a different person.
My trip was supposed to open me up to new cultures. I was supposed to learn about Israel and Israelis. That has happened...in spades. What I didn't expect...What has broadsided me...Is how much the trip would cause me to learn about myself. Every trip has it's theme...a general mood and idea. The theme for this trip has to be self-discovery.
I've discovered many things about myself. Some of them have proven nice. Others horrifying. Truly, I'll return a different person than I started out. My priorities have shifted. I'm excited about my life in the future.

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