30 August, 2005

The end of Greece : (

As my time in Europe dwindles, my thoughts turn to Boston. How will I react to being back in The States? How will they react to me? I want to go on with my life, graduate, and get a real job, but I hate to end my travels. So much has changed, in me and the world. Like Helen said, "Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all....."

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hadassah, Myrtle Beach said...

Bobby, was thinking of you a couple days ago. Thought you should be back soon. Was it what you thought it will be. The kotel, jerusalem etc. You sound a bit down about your trip. I quess a friend of yours. I hope it works out for you. I miss you so much. A lot of changes in my life as well. I hpe things work out for you. The Rabbi read your letter in our conversational hebrew class. Like always, Julian could figure it all out. That was a beutiful postcard from Athens. I will pray for your friends in temple, I hope you hear from them soon. I hope to see you in October, How was your conversation with the Israeli? Did u pannic or could you hold a conversation with all the people u met. My prayers go out to your friends in Louisiana, have you heard anything yet.