08 June, 2005

All Work and No Play...

As you may have noticed by the growing number of days between posts, I've been a bit busy...While it hasn't all been work, I've been in overtime every week for quite some time. While that's great for earning vacation hours, it doesn't do wonders for my social life. I do need to work to get ahead on bills....I am taking almost the entire month of August off to go to Europe and Israel. Another way that they've managed to keep me at the HRC has been training me as a bartender. Yes, that's right, I finally made it!!! I love it! Now, I'll never get scheduled behind the bar. LOL.
So, while I do spend a lot of time at the Rock, it's gotten a lot better in some ways. The girls below...including Britney (Shout out to ya girl!) are some of what it's all about.

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