09 June, 2005

...'Cause Everything is Rent!

Well, I'm sold! That's right. November 11 is going on my list of requested days off. I'll be in New York, in line, with my pre-purchased ticket (and you know how tough it'll be for me to pay that $1.50 service charge for pre-buying...I AM Jewish!) for Rent. Hell, there might even be a midnight show.
What sold me? Well, I knew that I'd be there opening day, c'mon. It's the musical equivalent of my life. LOL. Of course, for something in which I'm emotionally invested, I have been preparing myself for disappointment. Well, the trailer is out. You can watch it yourself. For those of you who know the show, it can truly bring up many emotions. Click on the title of this entry and watch it yourself.

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Anonymous said...

I'll be in DC - fighting not to stand up and sing along in the theater with my friends Kayla and Chris. Can't wait!

Your Friend Lynn