30 June, 2005

Hebrew: Keeping Me Busy, and I Love It!

It's true. I'm way behind on entries to the blog. I will strive to do better, but only a truly amazing topic could monopolize my time like this. No, it's not working at the Hard Rock Cafe Boston. It seems as if I'm there all of the time, but that's just to pay the bills. What's been filling my head for the past two weeks is studying Hebrew. I have to say that this is probably my favorite subject that I've ever studied (and you know that I LOVE learning!). The language truly has music, which actually sings to me! Some things in the class come to me easily from their introduction. Others elude me continually until one day, Boom: They seem embedded in my mind beyond conscious control. Studying a language four hours a day is truly the way to learn. I can't wait to get to Israel and see what I can absorb there!

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