29 November, 2004

My Once and Forever Hero

I would have seen Kinsey anyway. Laura Liney is in it. I adore her work, the respect which she gives it, and the way that she goes about it. So, I would have seen the film anyway. But it's about Alfred C. Kinsey.
When I was young and wondering what my "difference" said about me and my place in the world, I read a lot of intriguing things, such as the fact that, incomprehensible as it seemed at the time, out of about ten other guys, there was one like me, or that ninety percent of males report having a homosexual encounter at least once in their lives. Every positive thing that I read about us was printed because of Alfred C. Kinsey. I knew his name from when I was twelve...probably earlier.
I wanted to love this film. Of course, my natural reaction would make it fall short of my expectations. It didn't. I do love this film.
If you like love stories, you'll find one there. If you like character studies, you'll find one there. If you like creative cinematography, look no further. If you like one man taking on the establishment, it's there. Crackerjack direction with a light touch, naturally. If you like perfect characters lacking the complexities that make us human....you're out of luck.
This film truly chronicles one of the huge stories of this nation. This is not only true for homosexuals. There is one other subgroup of the American populace who owe Dr. Kinsey a debt of thanks. While still marginalized, this group has improved their position with help from Kinsey. I speak of women.
Whether you're a woman, a homosexual, a lover of great film, or the average American, I ask you to push your cinema manager to show Kinsey.

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