11 November, 2004

Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead

I'm done with the GRE! I got a 1440, so I'm not terribly disappointed. Yes, those of you whom I called right before I took the test know that it was actually over on October 27. After that, it was time to concentrate on my application for Emerson. Then, I received an email from Emerson informing me that "Unfortunately, the program director has decided not to review any more applications for spring 2005. Emerson prides itself on small class sizes and the program director felt that there currently is not enough room in the program to add more students."
So....I'm in limbo until Fall of 2005. LOL. You know what my reaction to that is: Time to Travel!! LOL. I'm contemplating Purim in San Fran and some kind of skiing jaunt....maybe to Aspen or France. I'm supposed to visit my friend David (whose books I highly recommend!) in LA sometime as well. In addition to all of that, I'm booking my tickets to Scotland, Israel, and Greece tonight. I'll post my trip dates when I know. You might not want to be on those flights after our Executive Branch reads my next post.
I've been examining Hebrew College, and I really like the school. One outcome of Emerson's postponement may be that I won't attend Emerson at all. It would be tremendously exciting to instead work on an M.A. in Jewish Early Childhood Education at Hebrew College. Proficiency in Hebrew is a must, and I'm already learning the language anyway. I'm looking into taking a Hebrew class in the spring. This would also be an ideal way to test if it's the right school for me.

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