16 July, 2005


I need some help from someone out there. I need it now. You see, I'm addicted. That's right. No, I haven't started smoking again...it's much worse. You see, I could go to the gas station today and buy a pack of smokes. No, I'm addicted to a television series, "The 4400" to be specific.
The help that I ask for isn't weaning me off. I've already gone cold-turkey. The second season premiered June 5. Unfortunately, I couldn't tune in, as I was walking in the AIDS Walk to save lives. I don't know if it's being a completest or having to have the chance to solve mysteries on my own, but I can't watch episodes out of order. So, I ask all of you out there...
Does anyone have copies of the second season's episodes of "The 4400?"

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Anonymous said...

You've only missed a couple of episodes....USA may still be rerunning them.

If you have TiVo, you should be able to find any reruns easily. If you don't have TiVo . . . well, I'll save the hard sell for another post. :)