17 July, 2005

For Me? You Shouldn't Have!

Well, Harry's and my birthday is coming up, and some of you have hinted about getting me presents. I know that I rarely even hint at what I want, but here's a list so that you don't have to ask! I've tried to include something in every price range, but remember...the more you spend, the more that I'll know that you love me!!! LOL.
Just click "HERE," or this entry's title to get to the list. If you wind up at the Froogle page, just do a search for a friend's list. For my email, use bobbywith@gmail.com my travelling email address.


Joe said...

So Bobby, If someone gets you a gift of apparel will you be modeling it on your blog? And do they ship direct to you from your gift list?

- Joe

Bobby G said...

When I update the wishlist, if someone sends me anything, I WILL model it. Grin