14 October, 2010

When Time It Stands Still...

When the things that need to be done outnumber the minutes in a day,
When the folks who've helped you in the past fade away,
When the sense of the possible isn't there,
When it's become a chore even to care,

When time, it stands still about you,
And loneliness makes your heart ache.
When dreams cause you nothing but pain,
And the lack just makes your heart break.

The youth of your face is a lie.
Yet your wisdom will not tell you why.
The ease of the past, it is gone,
And you feel yourself cast as a pawn.

When time, it stands still about you,
You ponder the now and the then.
Painful future, uncertain now,
But...Oh, to feel where you have been...

Each day facing the brutal banality,
Stuck there in sentimentality,
Within you courage to decide,
Live life or just simply abide?

When time, it stands still about you,
Each day of'ring only the same.
Gather spice and wood for your nest,
Find salvation again in the flame.

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