14 December, 2004

'Twas the Seventh Night of Chanukah

I've returned to Boston from NY and the AIDS Dance-A-Thon. Maybe it's the holiday, the fact that I was able to see lots of the folks in NY who made up my NY "family," or the fact that it's the greatest city in the world. Either way, I'm disappointed that I don't live there. Of course, my heart will be there, and if I don't move to Europe, I'll probably be back there in a few years.
"Move Against AIDS" was a success. We raised a lot of money and had fun doing it. Those of you who would like to are encouraged to dance with us next year. I'll be forming a group of people from outside NY who'll be going to the city to help make life better for those less fortunate.
I hope that the lights shine on you all this day.

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