15 January, 2011

A Peppy Little Sonnet About the Snow

A day full of promise, hope, and new-fallen snow
I snap into my bindings, and downhill I go
Cruising down the mountain, music in my ears
Right there in my element, outrunning my fears
From a path out of site, comes a skier behind
Think I'll ride down beside him. Don't think he will mind
For a day or forever, our paths curved as one
Cutting, each complimenting as the other one spun
But the skier, his interest, it dwindled a bit
From his inattention -a crash, and from it my board split
So I sit in the snow on this beautiful day
But my riding partner is skiing away
My source of locomotion is gone now, kaput
And which pain is the greater, my heart or my foot?

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