21 June, 2010

This Man is Incredible...May the right eyes see this.

A Call in the Darkness....

When things get too dark to see, it helps to listen. Well, this is me, listening. I listened to Fae Hollow and to the winds of change. A big change is needed. Kore and I can not do this alone. So I am calling out in the darkness and listening for an answer..........

Let me put it succinctly.........

Since the rescue of Fae Hollow with all of your loving, gracious help, Kore and I have fought, and fought but to no avail. No amount of penny pinching, going without, or borrowing from friends will get us out of what essentially is a sub prime loan that is above our financial ability to conquer in this current economy.

We thought we could negotiate for more time. We were wrong. On July 9th, 2010, Fae Hollow goes up for auction by the foreclosing loan agent. We need $30,000 by July 1st to stop this from happening. This is beyond our means to borrow. What we need is not a rescue but an investment partner. We need to secure the money necessary to stop the auction and someone of good credit who can co-sign or out right buy Fae Hollow in order to put mortgage payments into an affordable perspective.

What we offer in return is part ownership of 30+ acres of magical land. Fae Hollow has an incredible power of magic and healing and we want to protect that. It has always been a wish of ours to share this power with others in the form of workshops and week-end long events but we have never even gotten the mortgage under control, let alone set up the provisions necessary for this to happen.

I had hoped if we worked hard enough we could do this by ourselves. My emergence from the land of Fae has since then taught me some hard realities to the contrary.

We do not want to lose this place of music and magic. We are open to serious business propositions or ideas that could make this happen.

We have a potential plan that could start working as early as late July or August involving the workshops if we could just stop the foreclosure sale.

I’m sorry this comes at such late notice. As I said, we were trying to do this alone, and having imposed on the Heatherlands once, and personal friends more than that, we felt that we needed to do this ourselves. Against our best efforts, it has not worked out that way.

So, as we approach the longest day of the year, I bow my head and pray that the light of the Solstice will illuminate a way to allow Kore and I and now some others to steward this magical land for the enjoyment and healing of all.

Thus I call into the Darkness and listen...................

Please do not respond to this message. Contact us directly at celticougarnw@aol.com or call the Sea Fire phone line at 503.866.2988.

With love & blessings to you all,


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