06 November, 2006

READ This Article!

Many of you know of my love for LandoverBaptist.com. It's biting social commentary, and, without it, I'd have cracked during the Dubya years and probably sacrificed myself to save you from the stupid asshole. (And no, I don't find the prospect of Cheney as prez more scary than Dubya. At least Cheney is enough of an asshole to force the Democrats to oppose him!)
Well, Betty Bowers is a member of Landover Baptist, and she's written an article on the Haggard scandal. No, not the king who trapped all of the unicorns (although we SHOULD have noticed the similarity in the names!), but the new icon for Gay Men in the New Millenium, Ted Haggard!
Click on the title above and read Betty's amazing article, and while you're at it, pick up some merchandise....My favorite is the "Who Would Jesus Do?" thong.

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