26 September, 2005

School's In!!

The semester has started and I'm taking some very exciting classes. Firstly, there's an Ulpan with Gili. She's truly a marvel. She's teaching a heavy courseload, and she still manages to look as if she's dressed for a Paris runway every day. It's really difficult to not feel compelled to get decked out in finery every day of that class. Next is Bible:Text and Context, with Mark Leuchter. He seems very knowledgable and the course seems to flow directly from my English degree. Finally, there's Models of Teaching and Reflective Practice in Jewish Education with Susie Rodenstein. She's a marvel in education and happens to have centerred her specialties on Hebrew and Israel. Sound like anyone we know?
So, this lead-up is to explain part of the reason that the pics from my trip aren't up. The other part of the explanation comes in the form of a warning: DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT LET ANYONE TELL YOU THAT X-RAYS ONLY HARM 1000 SPEED AND ABOVE FILM. I have one complete roll of film (luckily, it's the most important one) which came out nicely. One of the others is shifted in tint and darkness, and the others are ruined. Funny, that one is fine. I'm guessing that it's the 200 speed film. Anyway, I'll get the decent pics up this week, after I finish my homework.
My work schedule is dreary this week:3 night shifts, including one buyout and one band night(ugh!), but, on the bright side, I have 2 bar shifts (Yay!). So, my routine will be a bit off. In addition, I'm joining the Y tomorrow. I'll be starting up Yoga again on Wednesday. That should add to my energy level and what I can accomplish daily. Expect the pics by the weekend. In the meantime, there's a nice BlueStarPR poster above.

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