09 September, 2004

Addictions II

Our next addiction is one that I feel is truly ignored by our American Machine. Of course, that's because the American Machine runs on it. I'm writing about the high of shopping. I think that we've all felt that excitement of purchasing something wonderful and the desire to rush home to enjoy the purchase. The problem occurs when one can't stop buying things.
I tend to be a bit of a tightwad. What can I say? I'm a Jew. Not spending much is pretty easy for me. I've recognized that I gain much more enjoyment from saving up and using the money for a trip. Of course, this was discovered while I was living in Myrtle Beach, so I wasn't enjoying where I was living. A chance to leave was always a bonus.
This past weekend, I attended Noreascon 4, the 62nd World Science Fiction Convention. This was the first convention that I've attended in about 10 years. I'd forgotten how much I loved the experience. I'd also forgotten how easy it is to find things to spend money on when you're in your "home" environment.
I did control myself. I didn't really buy anything until the final day of the convention. I was, however, calculating where the items that I would be purchasing were as well as what I could afford to buy. I ended up purchasing 3 prints, some books, Killer Bunnies, a game that I played, seven CDs, and a songbook. I'm always looking for Filk (Science Fiction music), and now, just following my move, I was looking for ways to decorate my room. I truly love everything that I bought. That's the problem. LOL. I want more.
Next, I went on AllPosters.com. I was looking for a couple of things that I'd missed for the room. There I found 3 posters, two of which had a Science Fiction theme. They're in the mail now. Stop me before I shop again!
I know that I come by it naturally. Other members of my family have the shopping addiction. I believe that I've been able to resist it so long precisely because my tastes are so extreme that I rarely find things that interest me enough to lay down the cash. Well, I'm probably safe until the next con. That's in January. Of course, I still have to frame the 6 prints that I have. After that, there's Gaylaxicon in July. Then, there's next year's Worldcon in Scotland. I've already got a supporting membership in 2007's Worldcon in Japan and 2010's in Melbourne. I guess that I'm just going to be broke for the rest of my life.
Addictions III will be coming soon.

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Anonymous said...

Bobby, I can relate to this. Now, that I am on my own I need to learn not to spend money as much as I did. It is very hard, when trying to keep kosher. I feel like going back and not being so drastic, but I feel like I am going to go 2 steps back. But, also I went crazy last month in buying things for the house. Now,I have to cut down and make a promise with myself. It. is the high holidays, So I am going to do it. take care, Susan