08 August, 2004


Today was the complete opposite culmination that I'd expected from the early stresses of moving up the Eastern Seaboard. Packing is never a joy but seemed especially drudgerous this time around. Everything was made especially bittersweet by the incredible birthday celebration provided by my friends from Alabama. I was truly blessed with them, and I'll cover that in a week or so, once I'm set up in Boston. Today's blog is about how amazingly today's move came together.
My departure from Myrtle almost didn't happen. The line for security at the Myrtle Beach Jetport was at least one hundred and fifty feet longer than I've ever seen it. It seems that all the airlines that fly out had flights scheduled in the same half hour period. Luckily, a Spirit representative came to collect passengers to move to the front of the line for their flight which left ten minutes after mine. I hadn't located a Delta representative, so I followed the Spirit rep. As the Spirit rep started checking the crowd to make sure that we were all Spirit passengers, a Delta rep came up behind her. I grabbed her and told her that I was on the Boston flight. She put me in the front of the security line and told me to run, which I did. With my belt and shoes in my hand, I ran to the plane.
I was supposed to wait until Eleven o'clock to get into the temporary place that I'm staying. That's when Patrick, my temporary roommate gets off of work. That meant eight hours of making myself busy. Well, my friend Jonathan offered to pick me up at the airport. This selfless act of generosity, not to mention driving me to a hardware store to make a copy of the key and then to drop Patrick's original back, allowed me to get online and work on this blog, as well as look for alternate apartments.
The room that I'd wanted, in the "South End" neighborhood of Boston went for $600 a month. Today I found out that when it was shown on Tuesday and Wednesday, the guy that wanted it has not called the roommates back. I was able to view the place, which seemed nice to me, although the neighborhood was sketchy. Apparently, that building was part of the first "projects" ever built in America. The location was still close to work, and I basically offered to take it. The guy looking for a roommate was a bit cagey. When he saw how much I wanted the place, his security deposit went up. That, and the fact that it was my first day in town made me Leary, but if he'd accepted a check then, I would be moving in this week.
Next was a "Welcome to Boston" dinner with Howard and Mark. I love those guys! If "The World Congress of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Trans-gendered Jews" serves no other purpose, it brought me to them. Before we ate, I went online and found a new apartment listing. After a call to the guy organizing that house, we decided to look at the place after dinner.
Where the other place was sketchy, this was homey. The roommates are MIT students and former MIT students. They play video games and watch football. What's not to love? After a brief discussion, the check was signed. I'll be a Cambridge resident on September 1.
After all the terror of this move: Could I get everything packed? Would I remember all that I needed? Would the transfer go through? Was it sane to move to Boston with no apartment? Would I have a bed tonight?... Everything seemed to come together today. I do wonder about that former roommate who had a breakdown and is now in a ward. One other thing troubles me...My address...It's Elm Street.

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