17 June, 2004

Into the Blogasphere!

I've joined the Blogverse!! And those of you who know me were wondering how such an opinionated man could wait so long for the perfect venue for my rantings. Of course, now I have to figure exactly how much of my space will be used keeping you all updated with events in my life and how much goes to attacking George W. For now, let's reiterate that I'm at war with the man, and leave it at that.
Over the last weekend, I've been busy. I attended a friend's birthday party, which turned out to be a hoot. The high point of her gifts was a sign which read "Gas, Grass, or Ass: No One Rides For Free!" I gave her The Corr's "Forgiven, Not Forgotten." She's close to a ringer for Caroline Corr (and alas, for you straight guys, not single).
I'm still in the process of quitting smoking, which really colored my weekend. Using my mutant ablility to enter into far-fetched situations (Ta'veren?), I managed to get the gummy part of a nicotine patch into my left eye on Friday. Flooding the poison out with visine managed to compound the chemical burn. My eye swelled enormously, as my friend Greg introduced me to Matt,a cute Marine Biology student, who has yet to call me. We did talk for about an hour, so there's something. Of course, I was pulling puss out of my eye the entire time. Monday led to a doctor's visit, 2 days out of work, and a prescription for antibiotic, steroid eyedrops, but I'm feeling much better.
In the works: The move to Boston...When?

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